AHU & Heat Exchanger

Discover the world of ventilation systems together with Zern Engineering!

Have you ever wondered how buildings and premises remain fresh and comfortable? And all this is due to a ventilation system – a fascinating and complex technology, comprising various components! 

At the heart of this system are the air handling units that work in concert to ensure a steady flow of fresh air while removing stale air.

The core of the air handling unit is a heat exchanger. This carefully designed component captures and uses energy from the outgoing air before it’s removed. The captured energy is transferred to the incoming fresh air, pre-warming or pre-cooling it if required. By utilizing this recovered energy, the system significantly reduces overall energy consumption, ultimately leading to cost savings and a significantly reduced impact on the environment. The process employs the principle of regenerative heat exchange and plays a crucial role in making the entire system more energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Currently, there are different types of heat exchangers that are most commonly used in ventilation systems:

  • sensible plate heat exchangers;
  • enthalpy plate heat exchangers;
  • rotary heat exchangers (condensing / enthalpy / sorption / epoxy).

Our experts specialize in producing top-notch plate and rotary heat exchangers. Many years of successful experience make ZERN ENGINEERING a credible brand in the field of reliable and effective ventilation solutions.