Polystyrene plate counter-flow heat exchangers

Series HU-EX6/HC-EX6/Combi HC-EX6

The HU-EX6/HC-EX6/Combi HC-EX6 counter-flow heat exchangers are specifically developed for heat recovery in balanced ventilation systems. These heat exchangers allow efficient use of extract air energy for heating or cooling, thus optimizing ventilation and providing healthy indoor climate.

Due to the unique heat exchanger design and the shape of the heat exchanging plates the heat exchange surface is maximized and the pressure losses are minimized. This heat exchanger type is compatible nearly with all ventilation systems.

The supply and extract air streams move in opposite directions toward each other. The heat energy is transferred through the thin plates. Heat recovery efficiency exceeds 90 %.


Enthalpy plate counter-flow heat exchangers

Series ЕС-ЕХ6

The new generation of enthalpy counter-flow heat exchangers of the EC-EX6 series is an ideal alternative to standard heat exchangers. In residential premises with low humidity they are ideal for maintaining a comfortable microclimate by recovering humidity from the extract air.

This process is possible due to the unique polymer membrane with a microporous structure that enables transition of water vapour molecules, but blocks transition of bacteria, germs, mould, gases and smells. This design enables to keep high hygienic standards also in sanitary areas, kitchen and laboratories and other premises with permanent sources of air pollution. No transition of smells and toxins. Only warmth and water vapours are allowed.


Polystyrene plate cross-flow heat exchangers

Series Hp-EX4

Hp-EX4 plate heat exchangers are highly efficient heat exchangers that allow to save and reuse thermal energy of air flows, which qualitatively increases the efficiency of the system itself. The cross flows of extract and supply air are separated by the walls of the heat exchanger plates, which prevents the transfer of contaminants, dust particles, moisture, etc. from one flow to another.

Heat transfer efficiency is up to 80%. It is achieved due to the unique design and shape of the heat exchanger plates, in the stack of which heat exchange takes place. The use of polystyrene as a plate material allows for maximum heat transfer compared to similar aluminum plates.


Enthalpy plate cross-flow heat exchangers

Series Е-ЕХ4

E-EX4 cross-flow enthalpy heat exchangers are used to transfer both apparent and latent heat energy from one air flow to another.

In the enthalpy heat exchangers of this series an ultrathin polymer membrane is used as a separating barrier between the flows, which allows through diffusion to transfer not only heat but also moisture.

Due to its atomic structure, the membrane allows only water vapor to penetrate through it, while blocking the transfer of gases, pollution, odors, microorganisms and prevents the spread of viruses.

The enthalpy heat exchangers keep the balanced comfortable indoor humidity in dry winter and hot humid outside conditions.


Plate counter-flow heat exchangers

Series HC-EX4

The HC-EX4 counter-flow heat exchangers have a very simple design and contain no movable parts.

The heat exchangers of this series are made of polystyrene plates with cellular structure, which are interconnected with a special glue. The plate height is from 3 to 4 mm.

The warm extract and cold intake air streams are separated with the plate walls and do not come in contact with each other. This design solution excludes transfer of humidity, contaminants, smells and microbes from one air stream to another. Heat recovery efficiency reaches 79 %.

The accumulating mass is assembled into a rigid aluzinc casing.


Rotary heat exchangers

Series R-EX / R-E-EX / R-N-EX / R-K-EX

The rotary heat exchangers have a rotating heat wheel. The accumulating mass rotates permanently between the warm extract and the cold intake air flows. During rotation of the heat exchanger the extract air heat is absorbed with the cold intake flow. Heat recovery efficiency reaches 85 %.


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