Rotary heat exchangers

Series R-EX / R-E-EX / R-N-EX / R-K-EX


The rotary heat exchangers have a rotating heat wheel. The accumulating mass rotates permanently between the warm extract and the cold intake air flows. During rotation of the heat exchanger the extract air heat is absorbed with the cold intake flow. 

Heat recovery efficiency reaches 85 %.


The rotary heat exchanger has a cylindrical shape and cellular structure in the form of traverse through air channels used for movement of extract air flow from the room and supply air flow to the room.

The reinforcing rods connected to the central hub and the aluminium shell provide rigid rotor design. The rotary heat exchanger is supplied enclosed in the galvanized steel casing with an electric motor as a standard.

  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Industrial ventilation
  • Swimming pools
  • Paint booths
  • Agricultural premises
  • Marine environment
  • Industrial premises
  • The rotary heat exchangers are made of high-quality aluminium foil with the width of 100 mm and 200 mm and thickness of 0.07 mm.
    Optionally the foil may have a special coating.
Foil width [mm]100200
Foil wave height [mm]1,62,11,62,1
Foil thickness [mm]0,070,07
  • The casing has seamless design as a standard and is made of galvanized steel with variable thickness, depending on a size of the rotary heat exchanger.
  • Shallow rotors of 100 mm depth (RS)
    The basic rotor modification has the depth of 200 mm. However the rotary heat exchangers with the maximum depth of 100 mm are used for ventilation units, which have limited space for the heat exchangers, design limitations or high requirements to pressure losses.
  • Rotor without casing
    The rotor may be supplied without a casing. The rotor diameter is from 300 mm up to 1900 mm.

The standard rotary heat exchanger is made of galvanized steel. Other customized versions of the heat exchanger casing material are possible, such as aluminium, stainless steel, painted steel.


The smart air sealing technology minimises air leakages in the rotary heat exchanger. It also prevents air leakage from the heat exchanger or mixing of supply and extract air streams. All the gaps between the rotor and the casing are protected with special brush sealing. These sealings are reliable, durable and easy to replace.

The fasteners are made of zinc coated metal to prevent corrosion.
The delivery set includes high-quality ball bearing of closed type.

  • The rotary heat exchanger drive consists of an electric motor with a worm reduction gearbox, a pulley and a belt. The rotation speed from 10 to 13 RPM ensures higher heat recovery efficiency.
  • The three-phase electric motor is designed for connection to three-phase 400 V power supply and the single-phase electric motor is designed for connection to single-phase 230 V power supply. The motor power varies from 60 W up to 180 W depending on the rotor diameter.
  • The rotor speed is controlled with a frequency controller (not included in the delivery set).

During operation the air channels get gradually contaminated. This contamination not only decreases performance, but accelerates pressure
losses. To attain the maximum performance regular maintenance of the rotary heat exchangers is required as follows:

  • Cleaning of the rotor cells with compressed air to remove dust and other contaminants
  • Regular control and check-up of the electric motor and controls
  • Control of transmission belt tensioning
  • Depending on environmental conditions and operation requirements the rotary heat exchangers are available in various sizes and with various coatings from aluminium foil.


This rotary heat exchanger type is made of high-quality aluminium foil with no special coating. The rotor diameter is from 400 mm up to 1900 mm. This modification is used for non-aggressive environments with requirements to high heat recovery efficiency.

NameD: rotor diameter [mm]A: casing width [mm]B: casing height [mm]C: casing depth [mm]h: wave height [mm]Foil width [mm]
R-EX D4004006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-EX D5005006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-EX D6006006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-EX D7007008008952951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-EX D8008009009002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-EX D900900110011002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-EX D10001000110011002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-EX D11001100125012502901,6; 2,1200
R-EX D11501150125012502901,6; 2,1200
R-EX D13001300140014003101,6; 2,1200
R-EX D14001400150015003101,6; 2,1200
R-EX D15101510163016303301,6; 2,1200
R-EX D16001600170017003301,6; 2,1200
R-EX D17001700201020103301,6; 2,1200
R-EX D19001900221022103301,6; 2,1200


This rotary heat exchanger type is made of aluminium foil with water-absorbing coating. These heat exchangers enable sensible and latent heat recovery and are used for operation in premises requiring air humidifying with no air cooling.

NameD: rotor diameter [mm]A: casing width [mm]B: casing height [mm]C: casing depth [mm]h: wave height [mm]Foil width [mm]
R-E-EX D4004006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-E-EX D5005006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-E-EX D6006006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-E-EX D7007008008952951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-E-EX D8008009009002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-E-EX D900900110011002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-E-EX D10001000110011002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-E-EX D11001100125012502901,6; 2,1200
R-E-EX D11501150125012502901,6; 2,1200
R-E-EX D13001300140014003101,6; 2,1200
R-E-EX D14001400150015003101,6; 2,1200
R-E-EX D15101510163016303301,6; 2,1200
R-E-EX D16001600170017003301,6; 2,1200
R-E-EX D17001700201020103301,6; 2,1200
R-E-EX D19001900221022103301,6; 2,1200


This rotary heat exchanger type is made of foil with high extremely hygroscopic coating. These heat exchangers are designed for permanent air dehumidification in premises with total heat recovery.

NameD: rotor diameter [mm]A: casing width [mm]B: casing height [mm]C: casing depth [mm]h: wave height [mm]Foil width [mm]
R-N-EX D4004006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-N-EX D5005006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-N-EX D6006006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-N-EX D7007008008952951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-N-EX D8008009009002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-N-EX D900900110011002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-N-EX D10001000110011002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-N-EX D11001100125012502901,6; 2,1200
R-N-EX D11501150125012502901,6; 2,1200
R-N-EX D13001300140014003101,6; 2,1200
R-N-EX D14001400150015003101,6; 2,1200
R-N-EX D15101510163016303301,6; 2,1200
R-N-EX D16001600170017003301,6; 2,1200
R-N-EX D17001700201020103301,6; 2,1200
R-N-EX D19001900221022103301,6; 2,1200


This rotary heat exchanger type is made of foil with a special coating with high corrosion-, salt- and chemical-resistant properties. Used in swimming pools, paint booths, agricultural premises, etc.

NameD: rotor diameter [mm]A: casing width [mm]B: casing height [mm]C: casing depth [mm]h: wave height [mm]Foil width [mm]
R-K-EX D4004006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-K-EX D5005006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-K-EX D6006006006002951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-K-EX D7007008008952951,6; 2,1100; 200
R-K-EX D8008009009002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-K-EX D900900110011002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-K-EX D10001000110011002901,6; 2,1100; 200
R-K-EX D11001100125012502901,6; 2,1200
R-K-EX D11501150125012502901,6; 2,1200
R-K-EX D13001300140014003101,6; 2,1200
R-K-EX D14001400150015003101,6; 2,1200
R-K-EX D15101510163016303301,6; 2,1200
R-K-EX D16001600170017003301,6; 2,1200
R-K-EX D17001700201020103301,6; 2,1200
R-K-EX D19001900221022103301,6; 2,1200
Rx-x-EX Dx-x/7-0-1 AxBxC-x

R: standard heat exchanger type
x: foil width: «_»: 200 mm; «S»: 100 mm
x: rotor type: «_»: condensing type; «E»: enthalpy type, «N»: sorption type, «K»: epoxy type
EX: standard commercial group
Dx: rotor diameter [mm]: 350-2400

x: wave height [mm]: 1.6 / 2.1
A: casing width [mm]: 500-2600
B: casing height [mm]: 500-2600
C: casing depth [mm]: 250-500

7: standard foil thickness [mm]: 0.07
0: standard available cleaning section: 0: not available; 1: available
1: standard number of sections
x: number of phases of electric motor: 1: single-phase 230 V; 3: three-phase 400 V