Plate cross-flow heat exchangers

Series Hp-EX4

  • The Hp-EX4 plate heat exchangers are the unique high-efficient heat exchangers designed for efficient energy recovery and re-use. The cross warm extract and cold intake air streams are separated with the plate walls and do not come in contact with each other. This design solution excludes transfer of humidity, contaminants, smells and microbes from one air stream to another.
  • The heat recovery efficiency is about 90 %! This high heat recovery efficiency is attained due to the unique design, shape and material of the heat exchanging plates. Turbulence in the heat exchanging stack develops even at low speed. The specially designed material of the plates enables to reach higher heat conductivity as compared to standard aluminium plates.
  • The heat exchanger has a square shape with the overall dimensions of 200×200 mm, 250×250 mm and 300×300 mm. The heat exchanger depth is from 100 up to 400 mm.
  • The heat exchanger consists of a heat accumulating mass (a set of plates) and a casing. The assembled and interconnected plates build a heat exchanging stack with many air channels. The air channels are crossed at 90° angle. The two air streams moving in the air channels do not get mixed.
  • The distance between the plates of 2.4, 2.7 or 3.0 mm provides combination of the maximum efficiency and the lowest pressure loss.
  • Heat recovery in winter and cool recovery in summer
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • Ventilation of premises
  • Separation of air streams
  • Heat removal in control boards

Air sealing process is automated.

High-quality hot-melt synthetic-base polymer adhesive used in food and pharmacy industries provides air tightness.

  • The heat exchanging plates are made of special impact-resistant polystyrene with the thickness of 0.2 up to 0.3 mm. This material is featured with high thermal conductivity and high performance characteristics.

  • All the casing components are made of:
     – high-quality aluzinc plates;
     – impact-resistant polystyrene;
     – high-strength aluminum alloy.

The heat exchangers have four basic casing modifications.
Version 1. Aluzinc casing

All the casing components are made of plates of high-quality aluzinc, which is not subjected to influence of corrosion and aggressive environments such as chemical or salt environment. Other customized versions of the heat exchanger casing material are available, such as aluminium, stainless steel, painted steel.

Version 2. Plastic casing

The head plates and profiles are made of impact-resistant polystyrene.

The upper head plate is supplied with a transport polypropylene holder.

Version 2.1. Plastic casing with T-profile

The head plates and profiles are made of impact-resistant polystyrene. The upper head plate is supplied with a transport polypropylene holder. T-profile with an inner extensional groove is used instead of a standard profile in case of special mounting in a mounting seat of an air handling unit.

Version 3. Aluminum casing

All elements of the casing are made of sheet of high-quality aluminum alloy 5754, which provides protection against corrosion and has a low specific weight. It is standardly used for heat exchangers E‑EX4 400/… and E-EX4 500/… It is possible to use aluminum on other types of heat exchangers of this series.


Several Hp-EX4 cross-flow plate heat exchangers can be installed in series or connected to modular units with the size of face up to 1000×1000 mm.

  • The applied materials enable operation, storage and transportation of the heat exchangers in the temperature conditions from -25 up to +50 °C. Storage of heat exchangers in an exposed position in direct sunlight is forbidden.
  • In winter season the air moisture is condensed on the heat recovery plates and the condensed water freezes at the temperature of -5 °C and lower. Heat recovery efficiency during these temperature conditions is slim to zero. Avoid condensate freezing on the heat exchanger plates.

The Hp-EX4 heat exchangers have no movable parts and metal connections, therefore mechanical maintenance is not required.

Slight contaminations are eliminated by air jets or flushing with warm mild detergent solutions.

NameA: width [mm]B: depth [mm]h: distance between plates [mm]x: casing modification
Нp-ЕХ4 200200100…4002,41 / 2 / 2.1
Нp-ЕХ4 250250100…4002,71 / 2 / 2.1
Нp-ЕХ4 300300100…4003,01 / 2 / 2.1
Нр-ЕХ4 400400100…6004,53
Нр-ЕХ4 500500100…6004,53
Hp-EX4 A / B / h - x

Hp-EX4 – commercial group
A: width, length [mm]: 200/250/300/400/500;

B: height [mm]: 100…600;
h: distance between plates [mm]: 2.4/2.7/3.0/4.5;

x: casing modification:
• 1: aluzinc
• 2: plastic with a standard profile
• 2.1: plastic with a T-profile
• 3: aluminum