Enthalpy plate cross-flow heat exchangers

Series Е-ЕХ4

  • E-EX4 cross-flow enthalpy heat exchangers are used to transfer both apparent and latent heat energy from one air flow to another.
  • In the enthalpy heat exchangers of this series an ultrathin polymer membrane is used as a separating
    barrier between the flows, which allows through diffusion to transfer not only heat but also moisture.
  • Due to its atomic structure, the membrane allows only water vapor to penetrate through it, while blocking the transfer of gases, pollution, odors, microorganisms and prevents the spread of viruses.
  • The enthalpy heat exchangers keep the balanced comfortable indoor humidity in dry winter and hot humid outside conditions.
  • The heat exchangers are made with the face overall dimensions of 200×200 mm, 250×250 mm, 300×300 mm, 400×400 mm and 500×500 mm. The heat exchanging plates have the depth from 100 mm up to 400 mm.
  • The accumulating mass consists of aluminium waveform plates, that are laid perpendicular to the channel direction. The wave height is 2.7, 4.5 and 6.0 mm.
  • The vapour-permeable membrane is located between the aluminium plates. This design keeps the two air streams fully separated.
  • The casing has no movable parts and is made of various materials.
  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Heat recovery ventilation in residential
  • School premises
  • Hospitals
  • Office buildings
  • Air sealing process is automated. 
  • High-quality hot-melt synthetic-base polymer adhesive used in food and pharmacy industries provides air tightness.
  • The heat exchanging plates are made of high-quality aluminium foil with the thickness from 0.07 mm.
  • The membrane is made of polymer with microporous structure and has antibacterial coating.
  • All the casing components can be made of:
     – quality sheet metal (aluzinc);
     – high-strength aluminum alloy.
Two different casing designs are available for this heat exchanger series.
Version 1. Aluzinc casing

The head plates and profiles are made of high-quality sheet metal – aluzinc.

Typically applied for E-EX4 200/…, E-EX4 250/… and E-EX4 300/… heat exchangers.

Version 3. Aluminium casing

All the casing components are made of high quality aluminium sheet, which provides corrosion protection and has a low specific weight.

Typically applied for E-EX4 400/… and E-EX4 500/… heat exchangers. It is possible to use aluminium on other types of heat exchangers of this series.


Depending on the task (project), several E-EX4 cross-flow plate heat exchangers can be installed in series or connected to modular units with the size, for example 1000×1000 mm.

  • The applied materials enable operation, storage and transportation of the heat exchangers in the temperature conditions from -25 up to +50 °C.
  • Storage of heat exchangers in an exposed position in direct sunlight is forbidden.
  • The E-EX4 enthalpy heat exchangers are not subjected to freezing in case of normal operation conditions in winter.
  • Regular check-up of filters is required to keep the heat exchangers and the supply filter clean. The filters must be cleaned or replaced as required.
  • To remove the contaminations flush the heat exchanger with warm water up to 30 °C.
  • Do not use high pressure water jet for cleaning of the heat exchanger because it may damage the ultrathin membrane.
Name A: width [mm] B: depth [mm] h: distance between plates [mm] x: casing modification
E-ЕХ4 200 200 100…400 2,7/4,5 1
E-ЕХ4 250 250 100…400 2,7/4,5 1
E-ЕХ4 300 300 100…400 2,7/4,5/6,0 1
Е-ЕХ4 400 400 100…400 2,7/4,5/6,0 3
Е-ЕХ4 500 500 100…400 2,7/4,5/6,0 3
Е-ЕХ4 А / В / h - x

Е-ЕХ4 – commercial group
А: width, length [mm]: 200/250/300/400/500;

В: depth [mm]: 100…400;
h: distance between plates [mm]: 2.7/4.5/6.0;

x: casing modification:
• 1: aluzinc
• 3: aluminum

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