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Zern Engineering policy in response to COVID-19 pandemic

The current situation requires a major re-think of the existing business model and calls for a change of business procedures and regulations. Keeping abreast of these challenges our company has adjusted its business and continues manufacturing its products, shipping orders and serving its customers.

The health and safety of our employees are the number one priority for Zern Engineering. To minimize the risks for our personnel caused by the rapid spread of COVID-19 pandemic the company has made a number of important decisions. Our employees who are able to work out of home are now working remotely. Those who are still manning their stations have been provided with all the necessary means of individual protection and informed about the safety protocols. In line with the best social distancing practices we have created working conditions where people are able to keep a safe distance from one another. We have also introduced regular disinfection procedures for our production equipment, working surfaces and floors with a particular attention to public areas. 

We continue following the situation as it emerges, track the latest updates from government agencies and health institutions, and will keep you informed about any and all important changes in our business operations.