Enthalpy counter-flow heat exchangers

Series ЕС-ЕХ6

  • The new generation of the enthalpy counter-flow EC-EX6 heat exchangers offers an alternative to standard heat exchanger models. In case of operation in residential premises with low indoor humidity these heat exchangers keep the comfortable indoor climate due to humidity recovery from the extract air.
  • This process is possible due to the unique polymer membrane with a microporous structure that enables transition of water vapour molecules, but blocks transition of bacteria, germs, mould, gases and smells. This design enables to keep high hygienic standards also in sanitary areas, kitchen and laboratories and other premises with permanent sources of air pollution. No transition of smells and toxins! Only warmth and water vapours are allowed!
  • The supply and extract air streams are moved in the air channels of the heat exchanger plates toward each other. The sensible and latent heat energy is transferred thought the heat exchanger membrane.
  • The comparison of the standard plate heat exchanger (HC-EX6 series) and the enthalpy heat exchanger (EC-EX6 series) shows that the standard heat exchangers have higher sensible heat recovery efficiency as compared to the enthalpy heat exchangers, but the enthalpy heat exchangers of EC-EX6 series have higher total heat recovery efficiency due to the latent heat recovery from water vapour.
  • The heat exchanger has a hexagonal shape with the overall dimensions of 366×366 mm, 230×455 mm and 232×461 mm (length and width).
  • The maximum depth is 600 mm.
  • The heat accumulating mass consists of special plates laid as channels to enable moving of air streams toward each other.
  • The ultrathin membrane is used as a barrier in the heat exchanger.
  • The rigid airtight casing is protected against mechanical influence.
  • Central ventilation
  • Single-room ventilation
  • Heat recovery with air humidification in winter
  • Cool recovery with air dehumidification in summer
  • School premises
  • Health care buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Air sealing process is automated.
  • High-quality hot-melt synthetic-base polymer adhesive used in food and pharmacy industries provides air tightness.
  • The membrane is made of microporous polymer with an antibacterial coating.
  • All the casing components are made of:
     – high-quality aluzinc plates;
     – impact-resistant polystyrene.

The heat exchangers have three basic casing modifications.

Version 1. Aluzinc casing

The casing components are made of high-quality aluzinc plates.

This modification is used for the size 230×455 mm only.

Version 2. Plastic casing

The head plates, side plates and the profiles are made of impact-resistant polystyrene.

This modification is used for the sizes 366×366 mm and 232×461 mm.

Version 2.1. Plastic casing with T-profile

All the casing components are made of impact-resistant polystyrene. T-profile is used instead of a standard profile. This profile is used in case of a special mounting in air handling unit.

This modification is used for the heat exchangers enclosed in a plastic casing with the size of 366×366 mm.

NameDimensions [mm]Casing modification
ЕС-ЕХ6 366/…366х3662 / 2.1
ЕС-ЕХ6 230/…240х4551
ЕС-ЕХ6 232/…232х4612
  • The applied materials enable operation, storage and transportation of the heat exchangers in the temperature conditions from -25 up to +50 °C.
  • Storage of heat exchangers in an exposed position in direct sunlight is forbidden.
  • The EC-EX6 enthalpy heat exchangers are not subjected to freezing in case of normal operation conditions in winter.
  • Regular check-up of filters is required to keep the heat exchangers and the supply filter clean. The filters must be cleaned or replaced as required.
  • To remove the contaminations flush the heat exchanger with warm water up to 55 °C.
  • Do not use high pressure water jet for cleaning of the heat exchanger because it may damage the ultrathin membrane.
NameA: width [mm]B: height [mm]C: depth [mm]x: casing modification
ЕС-ЕХ6 366366366100…6002 / 2.1
NameA: width [mm]B: height [mm]C: depth [mm]x: casing modification
ЕС-ЕХ6 230455230100…6001
NameA: width [mm]B: height [mm]C: depth [mm]x: casing modification
ЕС-ЕХ6 232461232100…6002
EC-EX6 B / C - x

EC-EX6 – commercial group
B: height [mm]: 366/230/232;
C: depth [mm]: 100…600;


x: casing modification:
• 1: aluzinc
• 2: plastic with a standard profile
• 2.1: plastic with a T-profile

*A: width [mm] 366/455/461