Enthalpy cross-flow heat exchangers

Diving deeper into cross-flow heat exchangers, we’re excited to introduce you to ZERN ENGINEERING’s Enthalpy Heat Exchanger Series!

Remembering our earlier discussion of ZERN ENGINEERING’s EC Series, we uncover the overall purpose and operating principle of an enthalpy heat exchanger. Refresh your memory or explore the EC Series in detail by clicking here: https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:7094261175940448256/

The E Series Unveiled 

E Series – a range of remarkably efficient cross-flow enthalpy heat exchangers meticulously designed for balanced ventilation systems. By incorporating a special polymer membrane, this heat exchanger seamlessly transfers both sensible heat energy and latent water vapor energy, while acting as a formidable barrier against harmful impurities, micro-organisms, dust, and other contaminants.

The above features allow the E series heat exchangers to meet our customers’ energy efficiency requirements, while also increasing the comfort and safety of the indoor environment.

Versatile applications 

Flexibility is the hallmark of the E series. Whether in monobloc or combi configurations, they address airflow scenarios and ensure optimal performance in different environments.

Tailoring performance to your needs 

Notable among its features is the availability of two configurations with different plate spacings – 2.7mm and 4.5mm. This versatility allows our customers to navigate a wide range of airflows while customizing performance parameters to their specifications.