Rotary heat exchangers

Hello, ZERN ENGINEERING community!

Today we would like to tell you about another area of our production – rotary heat exchangers.

Rotary heat exchangers are a proven heat recovery technology that has been used in many industries and climates and is still being used successfully in various HVAC systems.

The main operating element of a rotary heat exchanger is its rotor wheel, a heat-intensive matrix.  Rotating alternately between the supply and exhaust sections, the wheel is heated by the warmer flow and transfers heat to the cooler flow, thereby heating it.


Energy efficiency: Rotary heat exchangers can dramatically reduce your energy consumption by recycling heat, making your HVAC systems more sustainable and cost-effective.

Improved indoor air quality: Rotary HE helps maintain a healthy indoor environment by ensuring a constant supply of fresh, filtered air, which is essential for your well-being.

Cost savings: Lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs are just some of the financial benefits you can enjoy.

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