Sensible counter-flow heat exchangers

Introducing the ZERN ENGINEERING range of sensible plate counter-flow heat exchangers!

Responding to the ever-increasing demand for energy-efficient ventilation equipment, ZERN ENGINEERING proudly presents its diverse range of sensible plate counter-flow heat exchangers.

Our Mission: Solving energy efficiency challenges 

As the market demands ever higher levels of performance, ZERN ENGINEERING has found its purpose in taking on this crucial challenge.

Explore the comprehensive range 

1️⃣ HU Series: these high-efficiency polystyrene counter-flow heat exchangers maximize the efficiency of your air handling unit (AHU) and ensure top performance.

2️⃣ HC Series: these polystyrene counter-flow heat exchangers strike the right balance between efficiency and pressure drop, making them ideal for a well-balanced ventilation system with less stringent requirements for energy consumption.

3️⃣ HD Series: our latest addition to the range, is designed to provide the lowest pressure drop in a well-balanced ventilation system. Ideal for AHUs with stringent energy efficiency requirements.

4️⃣ Combi Series: designed specifically for high airflow ventilation systems, the Combi Series of polystyrene counter-flow heat exchangers stands out. The main feature of Combi is the monobloc flow direction principle and consequently the efficiency, thanks to the use of two heat exchangers combined in a single casing. 

Unleash the potential of plate heat exchangers 

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