Sensible cross-flow heat exchangers

In our previous posts, we looked at the main types of plate heat exchangers.

Today, let’s explore the cross-flow heat exchangers from ZERN ENGINEERING.

HP Series – high-efficiency sensible cross-flow plate heat exchangers. Designed for balanced ventilation systems where reducing energy consumption is paramount, these exchangers redefine efficiency.

Thanks to cross-flow, fresh supply air flows perpendicularly to the exhaust air, ensuring efficient heat exchange. This process, made possible by the innovative plate configuration and improved airflow dynamics, helps to maintain an optimal temperature balance in the room. Parallel airflow across the plates maximizes surface contact, promoting efficient heat exchange and minimizing energy loss. The result is constant comfort and energy-efficient air exchange throughout the room.

The Hp series is flexible in application, whether in a monobloc configuration for compact installations or in a combi version for the most demanding high airflow scenarios.

Enhance your ventilation system with ZERN ENGINEERING’s Hp Series heat exchangers.