ZERN ENGINEERING Combi HU-EX6 959 the only polystyrene combi on the market

Combi HU-EX6 959 — a new solution by ZERN ENGINEERING!

When high performance work becomes a priority, ZERN ENGINEERING offers a solution.

Combi HU-EX6 959 is a new product designed for use in AHUs with mass air flow up to 2,500 m³/h.

The Combi HU-EX6 959 is based on the counterflow heat exchanger principle. The main difference with the monobloc version is that the two HU-EX6 477 heat exchangers are used in parallel, dividing the flow for more efficient utilisation:

– heat recovery efficiency: ≈ 86 %

– retains the advantages of the counterflow scheme

– dimensions: 1,182 х 959 mm

– depth: 100–600 mm