ZERN ENGINNERING HD-EX6 366 with low pressure drop

Dear Partners and Colleagues!

Great news for all those interested in innovative heat exchange and ventilation technologies.

We are proud to present the latest development by ZERN ENGINEERING – ZERN HD-EX6 366.

ZERN HD-EX6 366 is a counter-flow polystyrene plate heat exchanger with a number of unique advantages that make it an ideal choice for various types of installations and applications (apartments, private homes, cottages, and other spaces).

1) Reduced pressure drop

ZERN HD-EX6 366 demonstrates significantly lower pressure drop compared to similar models from competitors on the heat exchanger market.

Its specially designed unique plate profile and increased plate spacing help reduce air flow resistance, resulting in lower energy consumption by the AHU fans.

2) Popular size

ZERN HD-EX6 366 is available in a popular standard size on the heat exchanger market – 366×366 mm.

This new product can be easily integrated into existing systems and can be installed without any modifications to the installation structure, allowing customers to quickly and seamlessly incorporate our model into their AHU.

3) Competitive price and production lead times

The ZERN ENGINEERING team offers high-quality heat exchangers at reasonable prices and with competitive lead times.

Our team of experts is always ready to answer questions and provide comprehensive advice on selection, installation, and maintenance of our equipment.

We are confident that the new series of ZERN HD-EX6 366 heat exchangers will provide a reliable and efficient solution for a wide range of projects.